Hailey was more of an angel than a dog. She came into my life when she was only five months old. Her first owners didn’t understand German shepherds and kept her in a crate twenty-three hours a day! I packed up her things and brought her home with me immediately. I didn’t know how much I needed her, but by the end of our first day together I learned I had the greatest dogs of all time. 

—from “A Trio of Dogs,” by Megan Ramer Laughinghouse


We found Patagonia in the tiny town of Puyuhuapi, in the fjords of southern Chile, on a chilly fall day in 2012. She was a dirty street dog, beautiful despite the dreadlocks behind her ears. She followed us around her little town, and we fell in love right away. All she wanted was love and belly rubs. . . . We brought her back to the United States, and we are sure that we are luckier than she is that we found her.

 —from “Finding Patagonia,” by Saree Kayne


Dogs teach us about the goodness in ourselves. They remind us to be loyal, to be excited to see our loved ones and never take them for granted. They teach us that we all belong to a pack, a community. And they teach us that when we can connect deeply to our loved ones and our community, when we can be of service and think of others, we are satisfied beyond measure. They remind us that just like them, our actual nature is Love.

—from “Pursuing Love in the Land of Oz,” by Jewel