I am a first and one-time author with a special purpose: self-understanding and personal growth through my memoirs. My love of writing came late in life when happiness left me, and depression ruled my days. Putting my memoirs on paper emerged from a writer’s group that opened the door to hidden dynamics and the ability to accept my life for whatever it has been.


Teaching geography and psychology for 30 years; traveling the world during a more innocent and different time; designing homes; and real estate endeavors were my passions. My goal for writing is not to make money or become a known author, but giving others a road to happiness and peace. A love in my life, once said to me: “Jim, you are not hung up on money, but you like acquiring it.” He was right. Financial security has allowed me to give the most meaningful awards and accolades in life; the ones we give to others. Dog therapy programs, college scholarships, growing the importance of geography and psychology, and encouraging memoir writing are all in my heart.


Come along with me as I spill my heart, soul, and guts in hopes that you will see that your existence belongs only to you and no one else. Most important: You are okay and so are others! Think about your path in life as you read about my journey. Relive the good and bad memories of your personal story. Rethink the myriad of significant others in your life. Let the past empower you, not hold you back.

~ James Rostello