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The special bond we have with dogs is unconditional and, for each of us, unique. DOG LOVE brings together more than 20 stories that celebrate love, companionship, and the irrepressible nature of what it means to be a dog.  Charming illustrations of the dogs are as captivating as the stories—included are drawings of German shepherds and Australian shepherds, poodles and doodles, Rottweilers, spaniels, pugs, terriers, and perhaps the smallest of all, a big-hearted teacup shih tzu. Mutts and rescues of all nations and breeds are featured throughout. 

The singer Jewel writes, “Dogs teach us that we belong to a pack, a community. They remind us that just like them, our actual nature is Love.” Lulu, an English springer spaniel, proves to her owner that dogs are life’s great optimists, for she always wakes up happy, the “tail going thump, thump, thump”; we experience that Daphne, an abandoned poodle, was just a dog “waiting for her forever home.” And there is Hailey, a German shepherd, who is “more of an angel than a dog.” 

Suzanne Kayne, who has been helplessly in love with dogs her entire life, has gathered together stories from friends, family, and colleagues that celebrate the meaningful bond between these wonderful four-legged creatures and their owners. 

For dog aficionados and owners alike, the anecdotes have a ring of heartwarming familiarity. 

DOG LOVE is hardcover, 6 by 7 ½ inches upright, 96 pages, and illustrated with more than 40 colorful drawings throughout. $19.95. 

Suzanne Kayne

Suzanne Kayne is president of The Ric & Suzanne Kayne Foundation, which includes grants focusing on college-to-career readiness, the arts, environment, mental health, early childhood development, and special education. The foundation also supports UCLA and many Los Angeles-based arts organizations. Suzanne is a trustee of LACMA, a board member of the Exceptional Children’s Foundation and Garden Conservancy, among others. She and her husband, Ric Kayne, have three daughters, four beautiful grandchildren, and happy-go-lucky dogs Frick and Frack. 

Patricia van Essche

Whimsy and joy are the abiding grace notes in the art of Patricia van Essche. Her drawings of dogs and children, flowers and still life, fashion and lifestyle, exude a happy palette and sensitive eye. For Dog Love, Patricia made paintings that express the heart and soul of the many dogs featured. 

This accomplished artist has done commissions in the philanthropic and retail sectors, including for the Princess Grace Foundation, J. McLaughlin, and the Fund for Park Avenue, and from clients all over the world. Patricia van Essche lives in Westchester, New York.